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Clinic commencement support

We fully support doctor's clinic commencement from the beginning such as concepts, place, and choice of equipments.

We are the specialists that engaged in ophthalmology business for over 20 years.

Flow of our support in clinic commencement

01.Planning of the concept of clinic

The most important thing in clinic commencement is to establish the doctor's philosophy and policy. Also to appeal it is necessary. We help the establishment of concept consulting with doctor.

02.Proposal of the style of clinic commencement

We propose the style of clinic commencement. Open with own real estate, or buying etc. Decide how to open your clinic with examine each merit and demerit.

03.Select the commencement place

If you decide the style how you practice, we introduce the best place where you can open.

04.Making the business plan document and financing

A business plan document begins a loan and serves as basic data of cash planning. At our company, it ties up with an accountant's office, and we draw up and do safe cash planning. Recommendation of a financial institution, negotiation of a loan, preparation of loan request, an application of loan, etc. are made at our company.

05.Medical practice area analysis and market research

Medical-examination area analysis and market research are important in location. It is one of the important elements in the management of clinic to grasp the view of the possibilities of the area and the trend of patients.

06.Design and construction of clinic

Appearance is a signboard substitute of clinic. We propose the design in which the patient can also have a favorable impression for the design and construction according to doctor's needs. Inside of the clinic is intelligible for the patient, and easy to use for anyone, such as making the layout which attached importance to the lead which is easy to move.

07.Selection of medical equipment

We propose the medical equipment considered to be required when the doctor provides the medical service based on the guideline of commencement of clinic. This prevents a superfluous investment of medical equipment. Moreover, negotiation of the purchase price of medical equipment is also performed by us.

08.People arrangements

When the good medical service is provided, the role of the staff that supports a doctor is important. From division of our company, we introduce competent staff at any time.


In order to have clinic recognized, the advertising strategy of clinic also serves as a very important element. Advertising deployment is each different by the location of clinic. From various advertising media, such as a station signboard, a telegraph pole signboard, a field signboard, a homepage, and a flier, we propose the way based on location.

10.Notification Forms

Just before commencement of clinic comes, business such as a notification to each governmental agency will occur. At our company, we execute the application to each governmental agency by proxy.

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